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Where to Find Bargains in San Diego; Search Craigslist!

San Diego, California is a beautiful town located on the west coast. It’s the second largest city in California and is home to a 70 mile stretch of white sandy beaches. Whether you are visiting San Diego on business or vacation, or are considering relocation, one thing always remains an objective to those who explore the city – where to find the best bargains.

California is known to be a bit more pricey area of the United States. You can expect to pay about a $1.50 more per gallon of gas, which is why many people are dependant on the city’s public transportation. Real estate is also much more expensive in order to keep up with the fair market value of California. However, finding a great deal in San Diego doesn’t have to be a difficult task. The internet is your number one tool for finding a good deal on everything from cars to furniture to area attractions; and your most resourceful website is by far craigslist San Diego!

Craigslist is a popular search website that provides boundless information on nearly every major city in the United States, as well as several foreign cities and countries. It was originally created in 1995 to serve the residents of the San Francisco Bay Area, but has since expanded into a major research and connection tool to thousands of locations. In addition to finding items for sale, you can also join several different discussion forums to connect with residents of San Diego. This can be particularly helpful if you don’t know anyone in the city or want to find out exactly where to go and what to do. With craigslist, you don’t even need to visit San Diego to find amazing souvenirs from the area. Just one click of your mouse will provide you with a reliable database containing thousands of items for sale at a great price. For the more serious buyers, you can also find hundreds of real estate listings, vehicles, motorcycles, and collectibles for sale in San Diego by searching craigslist.

For example, a typical apartment in San Diego runs over $1200 per month. On the east side of the United States, housing is about 10-15% cheaper. However, by searching craigslist San Diego, you can find deals on apartments and rental homes along the beach. One actual listing on craigslist San Diego advertises a beautiful two bedroom apartment for less than $1000 – you can even see pictures! Another listing on craigslist San Diego has a nice jet boat for sale for $2000 (this listing is only available on craigslist San Diego, like many other listings you can find!). Or, if you already live in the San Diego area, you can post your own merchandise for sale free of charge.

Craigslist San Diego is very easy to use and requires no registration or up-front fees. In fact, you will probably find craigslist much easier to use and more specific than other popular search engines such as Google or Yahoo. So to scout out the best bargains, log onto craigslist San Diego today!

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Craigslist Los Angeles Discussion Forums

Los Angeles, California is known for many things. For starters, it’s the location of higher education and home to many celebrities. It is the second largest city in the United States and the largest city in California. L.A is also home to a wide variety of cultures, including those of Mexican and Latino descent. With L.A being such a large city, it can often be difficult to connect with others in the area. This is true if you are a resident, a visitor, or simply looking to meet and chat with others in the area.

A great place for online meeting and greeting is craigslist L.A. Craigslist provides its users with 72 different forums, ranging in topics from wine to crafts to history. These forums are open to anyone, regardless if you are from the L.A area or just in the forum to meet others or gain information. If you enter the wine discussion forum of craigslist L.A, you will learn almost everything you ever wanted to know about wine. For example, there are discussions on where to find the best table wine, how to preserve a bottle of shiraz, and how to find genuine German and Italian wines. There are even discussions on how certain red wines can you make ill and how to avoid it.

Apparently, L.A residents are also up on the latest movie reviews. Craigslist L.A users discuss current movies in detail, not something you’re likely to find by browsing Yahoo or Google. And what better place to learn about recent movies than by those who live in the film capital? You’ll find discussions on “Disturbia”, a film which is advertised on television to be a scary or thriller-type movie. According to discussions on craigslist L.A, “Disturbia” turns out to be more of a drama movie. This discussion as well as many others related to current movies can be found at the click of your mouse by visiting craigslist L.A.

Another great discussion forum on craigslist L.A is the fitness forum. Here, you will see residents discuss the best places to exercise in L.A, as well as little tricks to maintain fitness and health. There are also several discussions on health supplements and vitamins, which provide very useful information from people who have experienced with them first-hand. Also, consider stopping by the money discussion forum of craigslist L.A. You’ll find discussions related to credit, how to make the most of your money, and how to avoid falling into a money or credit scam. The information is very helpful and easy to understand, as it comes from people who have been in those situations and share their advice with others.

If you would like to join in these and the many other interesting discussions available on craigslist L.A, simply log onto and select L.A as your city of interest. The site is free to use and it is easy to navigate; even those with less-than-expert computer skills can easily find their way around craigslist.

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Maximum Exposure For Your Ads

You have gone through the trouble of posting an ad or many ads to The pictures are fabulous, there are great keywords in the title, and you have amazing ad copy. If nobody knows about these ads and if no one sees them then all of the effort you have put into them is for not. Here are some ideas for getting maximum exposure for your ads.

The first thing you should do is to inform everyone you know about these ads. Send an email to everyone on your contact list. Tell all of your close friends a relatives. Make mention to it at all of your kids sporting and school events. Once you have the basic word of mouth and your close contacts informed, you must expand the areas that you promote your ad in.

One place to promote your ad is on any listserves that you belong to. You can do this in several ways depending on this list’s rules. Add a link to one of your ads as part of your email signature. This is one way to not only promote to lists, but to promote to everyone you contact as well. If the list allows posting of ads, then for sure post a link to every ad you have. The more exposure your ad receives, the faster your item will sell. is another place to get maximum exposure for your ad. Place a link for all of your ads out on your myspace page. Invite your myspace friends to look at your ads. This will put your ad out in front of many individuals.

Don’t forget about when looking for maximum exposure for your ads. Keep all of the links to your ads updated so that everyone knows about them. Just like with myspace, be sure to let all of your facebook friends know about your ads. This way you can be sure that the work you put into making those ads effective was time well spent.

Do you have an account with any of the other social websites like, or others like it? If so post a link to your ads. If not, why not open an account create some links. This is a very effective way to get more people to look at your ad. It is very easy to sign up for these accounts and you can link to your ads in just a few minutes. It really is something you ought to try.

Are you a blogger? Tell everyone at every blog site you visit about your terrific ads. Include a link to them in your posting where allowed to. Nothing can get the word out faster than sending it out to the internet for everyone to see.

Finally, look to see if what you are selling answers a question that someone has posted to Yahoo Answers. Posting the link to your ad in a response to a question might bring you a sale. Even if a sale does not occur, you have a free link to your ad out on Yahoo!
Now you know how to get maximum exposure for your ads. Even if you only use one or two of these techniques you are sure to generate a lot more traffic to your items for sale. None of these tactic will cost you a penny. This is truly free advertising. Take advantage of it. It only takes a just few minute of your time.


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Best Of

The Best of is a list of ads that the community of has voted as the best. You will find a mix of all sorts of ads in this category. It is not for children to view at all. If you want are looking for your ad to be read a lot, then try to get it voted into the Best of Here is how you can accomplish this.

First of all you need a great ad. It should be funny, amusing, or perhaps obnoxious but it really has to stand out from all of the others. The other requirement is that you need to get a lot of traffic to view that ad.

How do you generate that kind of traffic? The best plan works like this, you need word of mouth, email and links all pointing to your ad. Here is how to get this done.

Word of mouth:
This is an easy concept tell everyone you know to go and look at your ad. Then ask them to tell everyone they know. Explain to them that you are looking to get into the Best of and you need their help. Your friends should want to help you, especially when it does not cost them anything. Remind them daily to vote your ad in.

This is somewhat easier because you are in charge of it. Change you email signature to include the link to your ad. Have it look like this Your Name then the text “please click on this link to vote my ad into the Best of” . Another effective email technique is if you know someone who loves to send out email. Have them send out as many emails as they can with your ad linked in it. These techniques combined with the word of mouth campaign should help tremendously toward getting your ad into the Best of

This is a little more difficult but it can be effective. Everywhere you blog, exchange links, post links, submit articles and the like, be sure to ad a link to your ad. Places like and other social websites are a great place to do this. Look to see if you can get you ad link posted on Yahoo! Answers. It is easy, just as the question “do you think this should be in the Best of If so, click on the link and vote for it”. This should bring you closer to getting voted in.

If you really want to get in you ad cannot be the usual Ford F-150 for sale, need work, $1000 OBO. That will never get in. The ad has to be funny or have some weird twist to it. A better way to have the same ad would be: Need to sell my beloved truck. This is a rare 1980 Ford F-150. My first born was conceived and delivered in the bed of this beauty. I hate to see it go, but I need to make my mortgage payment. Please come and give ‘er a good home. I’ll miss it but I need to keep my house. It’s a steal at $1500.00. Bring tissues, I may cry when it leaves. This is the type of ad that will make it into the Best of

Overall you have to combine a massive ad campaign for your ad in order for it to get into the Best of The ad has to have some entertainment value, and you have to let everyone know about it. This is accomplished through emails, word of mouth, blog postings, link exchanges, and any other way you can think of to get people to look and vote for your ad. Without this massive ad campaign it is extremely difficult to get voted in unless your ad it so out there that everyone just has to read it. This is how ads get into the Best of


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Making Money with Articles: Using the Yahoo Search Marketing Tools to Retrieve Free Keywords

When making money with articles, you need to find the perfect keywords to make your niche sites a success. However, many times it is expensive to utilize paid keyword search tools. For this reason, some new marketers may prefer to try and find their keywords for free. One of the best ways to do this is to use the free Yahoo Search Marketing tools that you can find on their website.

First, go to the Yahoo website and choose Search Marketing under Yahoo Advertising Solutions. Scroll down to and click on Sponsored Search. You will see a section that says “How many searches can your business get?? where you will type in the main keyword of your decided niche. This will bring up a list a of words that have your niche subject in them and tell you how many people searched for that particular word the previous month.

To get an idea of what the competition is like, take each word that had a substantial amount of searches and input it into the Yahoo search engine using parenthesis. This will give you a good idea of how many people search for a particular keyword and how many sites you will be in competition with for the top spots on the first two pages.

This will of course take a lot more time than a paid software program and it may not give you all of the great ideas that a program might. On the other hand, it will be free and give you extra funds for other parts of your website.

If you can do this for free on your own, search engine optimize your site on your own, and write your own content, then the only thing you will have to spend money on is a website URL and web hosting. This is a great idea for those who have little to no start up cash, a lot of time on their hands, are quick learners, and can wait for the profits to start coming in (which will pretty much be pure profit).

However, if you prefer to go the easy route and utilize a keyword generating software program, you can find many online. Some are more popular than others and have been a proven way for people to dig up valuable keywords for their niche sites.

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