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Impact of Colors in Advertisements

Human brain receives signals faster through eyes rather than ears. Visual appearance is supposed to be more appealing when compared to any other senses, no matter what the medium of presentation is. So, there are methods by which one can increase the visual appeal. Other senses facilitate visual appeal, and are also important to concentrate on.

Typical example is color when accompanied with audio, and writing. According to a study, big budget companies spend billions in the color market research, which helps in product and packaging development. Color, along with content, helps to pertain the interest of the visitor and makes him surf the website longer. A colorful article will make the reader read it till the end. Color makes things look more amiable.

Colors are known to influence the behavior of a person. Like blue color is said to have a relaxing effect. Red represents passion and love. A dating website can have red as the background color. Fast food restaurants have bright picture of food beautifully decorated pasted on the walls. This tempts the taste buds of the customer and the customer pounces on the food, eats and leaves quickly. And this is exactly the reaction expected.

Light effects can also be used to play with the mind of the on-looker. Advertisements, especially for food products, have strategically placed lights. The light effects trigger the hormones in the brain, which increases the hunger. If the same is placed in a slightly dim light, it won`t be equally tempting.

Countries around the world have different cultures that relate a color to an occasion or emotion. Climatic conditions also attribute to this. Like in America, people relate black to death and where as in Asia, white is related to death. People living near the equator like warm colors and people living nearer to the poles like cold colors.

It`s a must for an advertiser to have the knowledge about the colors and what they refer too. Black stands for elegance, sophistication, seduction and mystery. White stands for peace, pure, clean, mild and youthful. Gold stands for prestige, luxury and elite. Silver stands for prestige, scientific and cold. Yellow stands for warmth, happiness and cheer. Orange stands for warmth, playfulness, and vibrant. Red stands for love, excitement, strength, passion, and danger. Pink stands for nurture, sweet, soft, and security. Green stands for nature, fresh, fertility and abundance. Blue stands for cool, trust, belonging and reliability. And lastly Purple stands for spiritual, royalty, and dignity.

From the advertiser`s point of view, we can conclude that colors can determine the shopping habits of customers. Black, blue, red and orange attract impulsive buyers. Smart shoppers are attracted to pink, light blue and navy blue colors. Companies use colors in logo, advertisement, etc., to pass the right message to the customer. Wal-Mart advertise has a navy blue background and its catch line is “We sell for less?, which means smart customers are their goal. Mercedes has a silver logo, true to its class.

Before designing an advertisement, the targeted customers should be recognized and the advertisers shouldn`t use the colors that are their personal favorites but according to the ad campaign. Advertisement for children should have bright and vibrant colors. Yellow, red, blue and green, which are the primary colors, are the colors, which attract the children, which is why parents buy those colors for their kids. These colors represent warmth, sweetness, trust, reliability, playfulness and security.


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Looking for Cheese

Every now and then a business book comes along that revolutionaries how the business world views an area of focus. One such book had the amusing title “Who Moved my Cheese? by Spencer Johnson. This short book that is illustrated like a children`s story has some profound ideas in it that will radically change how any business approaches the marketplace. It is a book that has had his biggest impact in helping employees who have been displaced view their job change. But the ideas that are made simple in “Who Moved my Cheese? can impact virtually every area of business dealings.

The book communicates its message through a story of a mouse who finds that the place where he can find his cheese is no longer reliable. The mouse`s friend continues to go to that same place to find more cheese only to continue to get hungrier and hungrier. But the hero of the story finds the new location of his cheese. When he finds his new source of cheese, he not only is astounded by the bounty but that even after telling his friend of the new source of cheese, that friend continues to insist that his cheese will be there where it always had been before and that in fact, the hero of our story is mistaken about the new location of cheese.

This, obviously, is not a tale about cheese location. It is a parable of how to handle change. The core value being taught by “Who Moved my Cheese? is that we cannot always look to the same resource for our supply. Markets dry up, businesses go through slumps and have to lay good people off and revenue streams change.

But one thing is for sure. There is always a new reservoir of funding somewhere in some market. And the wise business can foresee a change in the marketplace well in advance and make the changes they need to make so that they go where the money is, or move with the cheese to find the new source of rich funding and tap into it.

It is more than just a parable about looking for a new job. But it sheds light on the plight of the unemployed. So often someone who loses their job gets stuck in a mental cycle of waiting for their old job to hire them back or looking for an identical job in a very similar industry. However, if that industry is under economic pressure or if the business paradigm for that industry has changed dramatically, there may no longer be rich sources of funding and employment availability there that was once so reliable. In short, the cheese has moved.

This lesson has rich wisdom in business beyond the employment scenario. The businesses who have learned to be adaptable in a changing marketplace and have made the changes to follow the changes to the new source of “cheese? are the businesses that survive decade after decade. The grocery industry has seen that kind of change. Many grocery chains went belly up waiting for the cheese to come back to the old paradigm. But others saw the invasion of the big discount stores such as Wal-Mart and found ways to combat that change, to find new niches in the industry where an untapped market need existed or to compete in the new business paradigm. Other industries where such dramatic changes have forced businesses to find out who moved their cheese are the record industry and the book sales business environment that have been so heavily impacted by internet sales.

But those businesses have survived. And if they can be aggressive and adapt and change with the markets, it`s a good example for all of us as we continue to look for the new source of “cheese?.


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How to Use Articles to Make Money Blogging

Do you have a personal blog? If you do, you may enjoy having the opportunity to share what is happening in your world with your friends and family. Many long distance friends and family members use blogs as a way to stay in touch, but did you also know that blogs can be used to make money?

If you are interested in turning blogging into more than just a hobby, the first thing you will need to do is start from scratch. This is important if your blog is a 100 percent personal blog. If your blog discusses an important topic and your personal life at the same time, like your struggles attending college, this blog may work as a profitable blog. Blogs that are informative, yet have a small personal touch tend to be the most successful and most profitable.

As nice as it is to hear which type of blogs typically stand to make the most money, you may be wondering how the money is made. Unfortunately, many individuals mistakenly believe that you must have a product to sell online to make money, but that isn`t true. Blogs that are filled with interesting content, especially on topics that are in demand, can make money through advertisements. In fact, with a few reputable advertisers, you may be able to make more money than you would selling a homemade product.

As for how you use articles to make money with blogging, a blog needs to have fresh content. The more readers you get, the more money you are likely to make. At the very least, you should make three blog postings a week. Many professional bloggers, namely the ones who make the most money, make multiple posts a day! However, if you are just getting started, you should aim for one post a day.

For many, a blog post is considered an article, but for others, there is a difference. Most articles, that are used for website content or article directories, average around 500 words each. What is nice about a blog posting is that it can be as long or short as you want. You just need to make sure that your post is informative, but if you can get your point across in a hundred words or less, do so.

With that said, there will be occasions where you will want to add articles to your blog. These articles should be around 400 words each. Articles that are longer in size are ideal for increasing the traffic to your blog. With longer articles, your blog stands a better change of getting picked up by the well-known search engines, like MSN, Google, and Yahoo.

Speaking of search engines, one of the most successful ways to make money with articles and with blog postings is to learn about search engine optimization (SEO). After a close examination, you will learn the importance of keyword articles. Also online, you can find numerous keyword research tools. These tools can tell you what internet users are searching for based on one simple word.

For example, if you want to write a blog posting or article on ways to save money, you will see that the phrases “ways to save money,? “how to save money,? and “strategies to save money,? are popular search terms. If you incorporate these phrases into your articles, readers should be able to find your blog through the search engines, with little or no work on your part.

If you are interested in making the most money with your blog and articles, you will want to rely on more than just the search engines. You can also write and submit articles to article directories. When you do so, you can provide a link to your website. Article directories also allow others to display your article on their websites, provided all links are still attached. This gives you a lot of potential to make money through advertisements.

Speaking of advertisements, they are how you make money writing articles. To increase your changes of making money, start with Google AdSense. Next, move on to affiliate programs. You will be provided with eye-catching banners. Be sure to choose related advertisements. For example, a blog that focuses on saving money should have Wal-Mart ads displayed and those for other discount retailers.


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