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Advertising in Newspapers

Newspaper advertisements are as old as advertisement itself. Although, it`s an age-old method of advertisement, it still receives the same response and is highly successful. Both small and large businesses still choose this method to promote their products and services. Ask them and nearly hundred percent advertisers would select newspapers as their primary advertise medium.

In spite of registered decline in newspaper circulation numbers and advertisements featured in a newspaper, they are read by millions of people at their breakfast table. The rate of increase in price to place advertisements in newspapers is climbing rapidly when compared to radio, television and billboards. The main aim should be to get the desired attention from the advertisement and out do the competitor. Various factors should be considered and measures should be taken to ensure success, while keeping the cost low.

Many advertisers, who advertise through newspapers, design their own advertisements without any prior training. This has lead to the rise of larger number of retailers who think that making an ad by them is the only way to get it right. This approach saves a lot of money and is good for small businesses, only if they reach to correct customers. The one time cost of placing a small advertisement is $150, so the measures should be taken to place them effectively. It isn`t necessary to have a full-page advertisement posted in the newspaper. If smartly designed, even half page advertisement can do wonders; the money saved can be used to advertise concurrently in other mediums like radio, websites, etc.

Using colorful font can multiply the cost to many times and is not worth the return. If the budget is low and the matter is confident enough, black font will be fine. Regular readers read the newspapers daily; therefore, there is no sense in placing the same ad in the same paper everyday. The advertisement can be placed in different papers everyday. The frequency can be three times a week for a particular newspaper. But there is an increase in the number of readers on weekends, so more money can be invested on placing advertisement in the weekend edition. Don`t be disappointed if all the advertisement space is sold on weekend. Insert fliers in between the pages of the newspaper.

As many advertisers will be posting their ads on weekends in the local newspaper and the chances of your ad getting lost in the muddle, the conventions can be twisted a little to beat the competition. Place an offer coupon in the mid-week editorial and pay the local station to advertise and talk about the offer on their famous program. Ask them to specifically mention about the coupon placed in the newspaper. Out of the daily readers, only few of them go through the entire newspapers. Most of them view the first and last page. So instead of posting an ad thrice weekly in the middle pages, invest on placing the ad on the first or last page of the newspaper, once a week. Majority of the newspapers don`t give competitive protection, that is, an advertisement of a firm can be placed next to the advertisement of its competitor. Specify about this condition to the sales person and take the guarantee from them.

There is a decrease in the number of local newspapers every year. In United States, only about a thousand newspapers function on a daily basis. Local people are now relying on weekly papers or newspapers with the local section. Sometimes only one publisher controls many of the local newspapers. Newspapers for all the localities are printed at one place with only the front page being changed. When advertising in such publications, care should be taken on recognizing the audience that is being reached. All the effort and money is wasted if the wrong customer is reached and the result can go in loss. Mixing different medias instead one for advertising is a smart approach. One can take care of the shortcomings of the other and work in tandem to make the overall advertising campaign a huge success.


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Socializing and Making Money On

Did you know that you can use the social aspect of to make money? What better way to start to promote a business than with new cyber friends. The best part is that many of these cyber friends live in the same area as you and they have the potential to become your business associates and customers as well as your cyber friends. This is how socializing and making money on go hand in hand.

How do you mix socializing and business? You can do this on People will be more likely to buy from someone they know. If you get into the social aspect of, you will become known in the cyber community and this can translate itself into more sales. Let’s examine how.

For example, let’s say that you have a jewelry store. You need more customers. You post an ad on for your business and in this ad is a discount on purchases over $100.00. Now you start to socialize on the boards. You talk with this one and that. As you connect with more and more people online, tell them about your ad. Let everyone know that if they go to the ad and get the coupon, they will receive the discount. The more people that visit your ad the more business you will receive. In addition, ask them to vote for you in the best of All it tales is a click of the mouse as they are visiting your ad. By promoting your ad and your business to the general community you will be building a customer base. The best thing of all is that with a very few exceptions, is free to post to.

So how does one join That is simple. If you have a valid email account, just click on the join option. Fill out the information and then you will have to enter in the scrambles letters at the bottom of the page so that the system knows you are a human and not some form of robot.

Other than the jewelry store example listed above; what other types of businesses benefit from socializing and making money on Almost any business can benefit from socializing. The key here is to join groups that are related to you business. If you are a gardener, then join gardening groups. If you are a homeschooling parent with a home based business, then join a homeschool group. It all depends on what is the focus of your business and what you want to accomplish through socializing.

Socializing and making money on should not be exclusive to one another. You should try to join as many groups as you can, especially online groups. Online groups can be visited when the mood strikes you and there is a lot less involved. Groups that get together to meet are also a good idea, but there are only so many you can join if you wish to actually run a business. There are many business groups to join. Many are woman based, and most of these welcome single moms.
Unlike when you sell an item, you do not need to be a member of in order to participate in group meetings. This is fine if you are not posting ads. To post an ad, you must register.

After scanning the groups available in your area what do you do if you cannot find a group that suits you? Then start one on your own. Think about the type of group you want to form, maybe build a website, find a place to meet and post an ad for the group. Many people might be interested, you will not know until you put the ad out there. Sometimes, all you need to do is ask. Do not let the lack of a group discourage you. Forming a group, especially in a smaller city is not as hard as you would think. There are people out there with interests similar to yours. As a business owner, this can be a great way to start meeting and greeting new customers. This is how socializing and making money on go hand in hand.


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Finding Deals On

There are many ways to finding deals on You must understand the market of the items you are looking for before you can decide if something is a good deal or not. You also have to know where to look for items, and know how and when to negotiate. If you keep your eyes open there are plenty of deals to be had on

The first place to look is the free area. If you are into furniture and other freebies this is where you need to look. Check this category everyday. Go back through several pages until you see ads that you know were posted a while ago. Then you know that you have gone through all of the recent stuff. Most of the older ads have had the items given away, the owner just never bothered to delete the ad. Don’t bother with anything more than a week or two old unless it is something that you really want. Hopefully it will still be available.

After searching through the free area, start looking in the categories that interest you. Go through each category very carefully. If there are no deals today there will be more tomorrow. Don’t get caught up in I have to have it now. You will not get as good a deal as you should if you do this.

When you find something you like send an email to the address listed in the ad. Let them know you are interested and ask for more information. Then see if you can bargain. Sometimes you can and sometimes it is not possible. Although stolen goods are not supposed to be sold on, ask if they are the owner of the item. If they are not, don’t buy it. Falling for the “my boyfriend told me to sell his 1968 Gibson guitar for him for $300″ is most likely untrue. A 1968 Gibson in playable condition should sell in the thousands.

Knowing your market is important. If you are knowledgeable about your category you will be less likely to get ripped off. Knowing the market is important. You will pay too much for an item if you do not know how much it should sell for. Likewise, you cannot tell if it is a good deal if you do not know your pricing. Here is another tip. Understand the items. If you collect Limoges boxes, you should know what to look for and how to spot a fake. The hinges need to be a certain way, there are only certain marks for the legitimate Limoges producers. Unfortunately, porcelain and ceramics are easily forged so you need to be sure of what you are buying. This is where the local community comes into play on The ability to actually view the item up close before you buy is crucial to getting a good deal. If the seller will not allow you to do this, find someone else to buy from.

Never be so desperate to buy something that you cannot walk away from a purchase. If you do not feel that this purchase is the right thing to do, then walk away from it. Trust your gut feelings and you will not get ripped off. Keep in mind that you are looking for the best deal possible and unless you are searching for a very rare antique, there will be other opportunities to buy this item from someone else. The trick to always getting a good deal is to only purchase from reputable people. A good seller will not pressure you to buy their item.

Finding deals on is easy to do. You must spend a little time to research the category that you want to make your purchase in. If it is antique dolls then be sure to read a book or two and know who the top manufacturers are. For example in antique dolls Madame Alexander is a quality name. Expect to pay well for an older doll, but knowing what the dolls are worth will enable you to know if a deal is good, or if it is too good and you should question the authenticity of the item. Caveat Emptor ? Buyer Beware is always a good thing to remember. Finding deals on is fairly easy, you just have to know how to look for them.


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Google Adsense: Do I Need A Pin Number For Google Adsense?

When you accumulate $50.00 in earnings, Google Adsense will send you a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to the payment address you supplied when you signed up. This is just another security precaution that Google Adsense has in place to protect their publishers but it is important.

Once you`ve been mailed a PIN number, your account payments will be on hold until the PIN is entered in your account. You can still have access to your account and earn money; you just won`t be paid until the PIN is entered. If it hasn`t been entered within 1 year, your account will be disabled.

To enter your PIN after you receive it in the mail, log into your Google Adsense account. Click on the My Account tab, then click on edit. Update the appropriate field and click submit changes. It would also be a good time to check your contact information and make sure it is correct. You`re now well on your way to receiving your first Google Adsense check.

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Best Of

The Best of is a list of ads that the community of has voted as the best. You will find a mix of all sorts of ads in this category. It is not for children to view at all. If you want are looking for your ad to be read a lot, then try to get it voted into the Best of Here is how you can accomplish this.

First of all you need a great ad. It should be funny, amusing, or perhaps obnoxious but it really has to stand out from all of the others. The other requirement is that you need to get a lot of traffic to view that ad.

How do you generate that kind of traffic? The best plan works like this, you need word of mouth, email and links all pointing to your ad. Here is how to get this done.

Word of mouth:
This is an easy concept tell everyone you know to go and look at your ad. Then ask them to tell everyone they know. Explain to them that you are looking to get into the Best of and you need their help. Your friends should want to help you, especially when it does not cost them anything. Remind them daily to vote your ad in.

This is somewhat easier because you are in charge of it. Change you email signature to include the link to your ad. Have it look like this Your Name then the text “please click on this link to vote my ad into the Best of” . Another effective email technique is if you know someone who loves to send out email. Have them send out as many emails as they can with your ad linked in it. These techniques combined with the word of mouth campaign should help tremendously toward getting your ad into the Best of

This is a little more difficult but it can be effective. Everywhere you blog, exchange links, post links, submit articles and the like, be sure to ad a link to your ad. Places like and other social websites are a great place to do this. Look to see if you can get you ad link posted on Yahoo! Answers. It is easy, just as the question “do you think this should be in the Best of If so, click on the link and vote for it”. This should bring you closer to getting voted in.

If you really want to get in you ad cannot be the usual Ford F-150 for sale, need work, $1000 OBO. That will never get in. The ad has to be funny or have some weird twist to it. A better way to have the same ad would be: Need to sell my beloved truck. This is a rare 1980 Ford F-150. My first born was conceived and delivered in the bed of this beauty. I hate to see it go, but I need to make my mortgage payment. Please come and give ‘er a good home. I’ll miss it but I need to keep my house. It’s a steal at $1500.00. Bring tissues, I may cry when it leaves. This is the type of ad that will make it into the Best of

Overall you have to combine a massive ad campaign for your ad in order for it to get into the Best of The ad has to have some entertainment value, and you have to let everyone know about it. This is accomplished through emails, word of mouth, blog postings, link exchanges, and any other way you can think of to get people to look and vote for your ad. Without this massive ad campaign it is extremely difficult to get voted in unless your ad it so out there that everyone just has to read it. This is how ads get into the Best of


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