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Protect Yourself From Fraud While Making Money On Craigslist.org

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You can make money on craigslist.org, Just as easily as you can make money, you can also lose it. There are many unscrupulous individuals out there who are just waiting to take your money and run. So how do you protect yourself from fraud while making money on craigslist.org?

There are many things you can do so let’s start with the very basics. Craigslist.org has a short piece on how to protect yourself from fraud. Before you start to buy and sell on craigslist.org you should familiarize yourself with this document. This however, is just the first step.

Now that you have read that article on craigslist.org, let’s review it here and build on the concepts that it covers. First, remember that craigslist.org is a local list. Any communication from someone outside the general area, especially from outside the country, should be viewed with suspicion. There are plenty of check, certified check, and money order scams out there. This is also true for wire transfers. Here is a good way to protect yourself from fraud while making money craigslist.org. Never accept a check, or certified check from someone outside of the US. If you decide to sell to someone in another location, request that they send you an international money order. This can be cashed at the post office and it is traceable. Never ship goods until the payment has cleared. Do not fall for the partial payment. Never ship COD, never ship until you have cleared available funds that are payment in full. Overall it is safer not to deal with anyone who is not local. A face to face transaction is far better than one where you never meet your customer.

After covering payments, we need to cover other types of scams. Get cash whenever possible. This avoids most problems. Let buyers know that your sale is as is, no refunds not returns accepted. Craigslist.org will not get involved in any aspect of the sale. They do not offer “safe harbor” like eBay, they do not certify buyers and sellers, and they do not offer buyer or seller protection. If someone is touting themselves as craigslist.org certified, they are lying. Do not conduct business with them.

Here are some other things to be aware of. Always set up a meeting to see the merchandise that you are buying. Craigslist.org is a local community website. Anyone who does not want to meet you or if they do not want to let you see the merchandise first hand that you are buying then chose another seller.

Are you looking for a work at home opportunity? While there are legitimate offers out there, be very careful about assembling items at home, envelope stuffing, medical transcriptions, and just about anything else that seems too good to be true. If it seems too good to be true it usually is. Do your homework before deciding on a work at home opportunity. Unless you are looking for a business opportunity like Tupperware or Avon, you should not have to put up any money for a work at home job. Be wary of commission only positions as well. If in doubt, check with your state attorney general’s office and the Better Business bureau. These entities are there to protect the consumer so you should make use of them. Neither agency will charge you for your request.

Now that you know a little bit about how to protect yourself from fraud while making money on craogslist.org, remember to always keep these items in mind when dealing with someone you do not know. The idea is to make money, not to lose it. A little common sense will go a long way. So be careful and make sure that you know who you are dealing with and what you are getting into. You can always walk away from a deal. It may be difficult but it is preferable to losing a lot of money.


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Ideas For Promoting Your Business On Craigslist.org

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Looking for ideas on promoting your business on craigslist.org? Then you have come to the right place. Craigslist.org is a community website. Here you can post almost any type of add for free. This includes business listings. On the internet, having the ability to post a business ad for free is a rare thing indeed.

How can you promote your business on craigslist.org? First you have to sign up. If you have a valid email address, then you can register. It is that easy. Next you have to post an ad. Think about what your business does and then look at what you competition is doing. You can search the category for your business and see what others are posting. Write your ad and submit a photo if desired. Your ad will remain for 45 days however, you will want to manage your ads.

Each ad you post is good for 45 days. As the ad ages, it drops toward the bottom of the page. Successful craigslist.org business promotion requires a little bit of time investment. Every 3 days you should delete and repost your ad. This will bring you to the top of the page again. Another way to promote your business is to place an ad in more than one category if your business warrants that. For example a lawn care company can post an ad for mowing, another ad for seeding, a third ad for landscape services, and possibly a fourth ad for mulching or tree/hedge trimming. As long as you do not place duplicate ads for the same exact service you can post as many ads as you like. Start with one ad, the next day post another one that is for a slightly different service, the third day post a third and so forth. If managed well, you will always have at least 7 ads running for your business. Managing them by deleting and reposting every 3 days will keep all 7 ads close to the top of the page. To make this process more streamlined, write the ads in a word processor like MS Word. When you post the ads to craigslist.org, cut and paste is all that is required. This saves a lot of time if there are a large number of ads running.

When looking for ideas for promoting your business on craigslist.org, you may want to know what information to include in your ad. This is important and you can use this technique to increase the number of ads without violating the duplicate posting rules. Have an ad for you business. Be sure to include all pertinent information including a contact email or phone number, preferably both. Then, place a second ad. This ad will be a craigslist.org only special. You can write a coupon and make it look pretty using html or you can just use plain type. The coupon method is more eye catching when reading it, but potential customers don’t see the coupon in the listing. It will not be seen until they click on your listing.

Another area to be sure to get right is your headline. It can follow standard American English rules of capitalizing the first letter of every word, but do not write your title in all upper case. This will cause your ad to be rejected. To be sure that people see your ad, include important keywords in your title. If you are a plumber, your title could read something like “Reliable Plumber Fixes Clogged Sinks”, or “XYZ Plumbing Replaces Waste Pipes”. As a potential customer, when I search for a plumber, I will most likely use the terms plumber and sink in my search, if that is what my problem is.

These are just a few ideas for promoting your business on craigslist.org. Give them a try and see if this free way to advertise your business to millions of visitors every day works for you.


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Ideas For Making Money On Craigslist.org

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Craigslist.org is an interesting website dedicated to bringing buyers and sellers together. There are no fees to join craigslist.org. Anyone can join. All that is required is a valid email address. You can make money selling items on this website. The dynamics are very different than on auction sites. Craigslist.org is more like a free classified ad website on steroids. Everything can be found here from dating to items for sale to services offered. Here are some ideas for making money on Craigslist.org.

First see what is listed in the category of items you want to sell. You can post an add for just about anything on Craigslist.org. Businesses post ads for services and products, individuals sell cars, real estate, jewelry, musical instruments and more. There is even a portion of the website for free items and a place to list yard sales. Once you have an idea of what people are selling write an ad, take a photo of your item and list it.

Decide on what it is you want to sell. Good choices are furniture, car parts, arts and crafts items, baby items and pet items. Take really great pictures and list the items in the correct category. It pays to take the time to write a good ad. Make sure you spell check it. Nothing looks less professional than an ad with poor spelling. Your ad is good for 45 days but you may want to relist it more often.

Make sure that you follow up with all inquiries. After a week, you may want to cancel your ads and relist them so that your ad remains near the top. As your ad ages, it drops down toward the bottom of the page. If it is a popular category, it may drop off to a second or third page. This is why you should keep renewing your ad no less than every 7 days.

Promote your ad offsite. Link to them in your emails and tell everyone you know about your Craigslist.org listing. This will ensure that your ad gets lots of views. Therefore the item is more likely to sell. Another strategy is to list different items in many categories. The more items you have to sell, the more likely that someone will make a purchase. These are just a few ideas for making money on Craigslist.org.

You can combine selling items on Craigslist.org with other websites. Use online auctions for smaller items that are easily shipped. Use Craiglsist.org for large items like furniture, car parts, large toys and electronics. Have the buyers come and pickup their items. You should not have to be responsible for shipping. It is assumed that the buyers will pickup on Craigslist.org.

You can actually use only Craigslist.org to make money. Check out their free and yard sale links. Purchase and fix up furniture, small appliances, and lawn mowers. Once these items are refurbishes you can sell them for a profit. It is easy to think up many ways to make money on Craigslist.org.

These are just a few ideas for making money on Craigslist.org. I am sure that you can think up many more. Why not log on and see what people in your town are doing. Perhaps you can start up a sideline business for little or no money following the ideas in this article.


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Ideas For Making Money On Craigslist.org Using Help Wanted Ads

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There are many ideas for making money on craigslist.org. Some of them range from common sense to the extreme. You could create a book on this topic. Let’s focus on ideas for making money on craigslist.org using help wanted ads.

There are actually several ways to make money on craigslist.org using the help wanted ads. The first is the most obvious. You can look for a job. It is one way to make money on craigslist.org. Browsing through the help wanted ads may bring in an employment opportunity or two. There are employers who have caught on that posting ads for employment here work, and the big plus is that the ads are free. A business looking for local candidates that do not want the head hunters bothering them can post an ad on craigslist.org. Browsing these ads will help you locate either a permanent or part-time job. This is one of the many ideas for making money on craigslist.org using help wanted ads.

Another way to use these ads is to find a way to pick up some extra income. There is a “short term gig” category. There you will find a lot of ads for bands, and freelance work. If you have a job or if you are a stay at home parent; here is a way to pickup some extra cash. Many of these freelance positions will allow you to telecommute or work from home. You can take on more than one job at a time and make a decent living. There are more and more people looking for legitimate extra income. Taking on a freelance project or two every month is a terrific way to add money to your bank account without having to commit to a second part-time or full time job. This option is a great idea for employers and freelancers because the positions are local and the posting is free.

The help wanted ads on craigslist.org can also be used for business promotion. As long as you are legitimately posting an ad for employment, you can make sure that your business name and website are included in the ad. Including your business name and website sill give your business free exposure. You may get increased calls, most likely from head hunters, but that is a trade off you will have to decide on. Promoting your business this way, posting the ad on craigslist.org and linking to your company’s website will drive traffic to your site. Include a page for them to read more specific details about the job and the qualifications and everyone who is interested in the position will click on the link. It is a round about way to drive visitors to your site. If one of your business goals is to increase traffic to your website, then using this technique will help you reach your goal. You can post in the help wanted and in the short term gig categories, thus doubling your exposure. Generating traffic to your website for free is always a great find.

These are just of few ideas for making money on craigslist.org using the help wanted ads. Browsing through them you will see how others are also using this category of ads to help them make money. Everyone can use some extra cash in their pockets. Why not take a look and see if any of these ideas will help you make some extra money.

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Ideas For Making Money On Craigslist.org ? Craig Newmark

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What started out as a simple idea in 1995 has grown into an incredible website. Based on the idea that there are things that should be free; craigslist.org was born. Craig’s idea, that everyone can get together, sell their stuff and socialize, without commercial intervention has grown into one of the best run websites in the San Francisco area ? at least that what his website claims.

So how do you as an individual take this “vision” and use it to make money? It’s simple. Follow the posted guidelines about what you can and cannot list for sale, learn to take great pictures and write good ad copy and sell your stuff for free. The nice thing is that free really means free. On Craigslist.org you will not be bombarded by banner ads, or links to adwords websites. It is strictly for the use of socializing, buying and selling, and looking for a job. A savvy individual can make some money on Craigslist.org if they stick to the rules.

Here are the rules. No spam, no threats, no animals for sale (adoption fees are ok), no weapons. You cannot violate copyright laws. That is it in a nutshell. There are not a lot of rules to work around so posting an item for sale is actually pretty easy.

Here is how to list your item. Choose a city – there are 450 for you to select from. Then find a category, write the ad, upload a picture and post it. That is all there is to posting an ad for sale. If you are interested in posting a job, you can do this for free also, except in 10 cities which there is a small fee. Rentals in New York City are also listed for a fee. In addition you can post ads for your business in the same way. There are so many ways to come up with ideas for making money on Craigslist.org that they cannot all be listed here.

Here are some facts about Craigslist.org. Although it was originally set up as a non-profit, in 1999 the company’s status changed to a for profit organization. The ORG extension was kept as a symbol of what the list is supposed to be. Income for the site is generated by charging for job postings in 10 cities and for apartment listings in New York City. The current CEO is Jim Buckmaster. He has been in this position since 2000. Craig Newmark is still with the company in customer service. In 2004 eBay acquired 25% of Craigslist.org.

Craig Newmark’s little bulletin board has evolved from a list of a few cool spots into a venue for millions of people to make money without paying fees. Craigslist.org is not only a buying and selling venue but a social site as well. You can go straight out to the website and get money making ideas right there.

Now you know a little bit about Craigslist.org and how it evolved into what it is today. There are more ways to make money on Craigslist.org than on any other website. It is still the only website where you can sell items, post information about your business and check out what is going on in your city. Hat’s off to Craig Newmark and his great little idea!


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