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[FREE TRAINING] 1Hr Of Affiliate Marketing Training (…ideal for newbies)

Whichever business model you look into, whether it’s product creation, list building, affiliate marketing or CPA marketing, there’s always a similar pattern involved.

It always requires you to know your keywords, to grab a domain closely related to that keyword and host a site on it. The site itself could be your own product or a product you’re trying to promote.

Logically the next step is all about getting traffic – this is where most struggle.

So today I want to show you an 8-part plan to getting everything setup from start to finish so you’re not missing out on any piece of the puzzle.

=> [FREE TRAINING] 1Hr Of Affiliate Marketing Training

In this 1½ hour training session you’re going to learn…

Video #1 – How To Research Keywords

Video #2 – How To Buy A Domain Name

Video #3 – How To Get Web Hosting

Video #4 – How To Upload A Website

Video #5 – What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Video #6 – What Are CPA Networks?

Video #7 – How To Promote Your Site – Part 1

Video #8 – How To Promote Your Site – Part 2

There are courses out there teaching you the same technique with a hefy price tag!

This however is completely free with no charge because I believe this training should be made as standard.

=> [FREE TRAINING] 1Hr Of Affiliate Marketing Training

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Difference Between An Affiliate and a Super Affiliate

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Super Affiliate! Corny, but “super affiliate” is the new buzzword for affiliates who are both ambitious and successful at affiliate marketing. There are wild claims online about affiliate marketing: Make Millions Overnight! Never Work Again! Unfortunately, these claims are usually false. To go from being a plain affiliate to super affiliate takes a lot of work. In short, you need to be an affiliate of steel.

The vast majority of affiliate marketing sites online are run by people who have no great interest in turning a huge profit. For example, you’ll find thousands of blogs where people put up a few Amazon listings and/or Google links on the off chance that a passing browser will click on them. That’s all well and good, but this is no way to make a dent in the affiliate marketing game. To be a super affiliate, you need to treat affiliate marketing as a job, not just something that you do on the side to put a couple of bucks in your pocket.

There is a misconception that affiliate marketing is not a real business. After all, the affiliate is not putting out a product. This is patently false. Even though an affiliate marketer is not manufacturing a product, he or she is still offering the product up for sale. An affiliate marketer still needs to be in charge of search engine optimization, custom content, quality web design, financial management, and everything else that goes into running a successful e-business. As with any business, an affiliate marketing plan is only as strong as the amount of work you put into it.

A super affiliate will be able to turn as hefty a profit as a standard businessâ??several sales a day on a number of different fronts. Remember, successful affiliate marketers don’t necessarily stop at one site. They set up a variety of affiliate sites with a good web address, quality web design, and lucrative affiliate marketing opportunities. Additionally, once you start selling at an accelerated rate, some affiliate programs will promote you from regular affiliate to super affiliate. If you start sending sales and traffic to a business, they will reward you with better terms.

This isn’t an easy proposition, but it is possible. Make sure that an affiliate program has a corresponding super affiliate program in placeâ??better terms for more sales. Even if they don’t, an affiliate with good terms up front can really pay off if you’re able to make a several sales a month. Affiliate programs with great terms are also sometimes referred to as super affiliates. Find these and you know you’ll have a good marketing in place at the start.

For more information visit:

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Generate Massive Cash Without Selling A Thing!

Generate Massive Cash without selling a thing?

Is that possible? Yes, it is! CPA Cash Secrets

You can make money without selling a thing! This is the power of CPA and CPA marketing!

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How Michael Jones Made $64,521 In 4 Weeks With No List

The Affiliate Code

How Michael Jones Made $64,521 In 4 Weeks With No List…, actually, I’ve not been quite honest with you there…

Let me explain.

He does have a list â?? lots of lists, for different businesses. But when he started testing these latest techniques, he did it from scratch. No list, no budget, no JV partners…

Just him and a computer… probably exactly how it is for you right?
And he went from earning nothing at all, to sucking down over two thousand bucks a day, in no time at all.
Wanna know how he did it? Well it’s all explained here. Read every word:

The Affiliate Code

Now, I have something to reveal to you right now, so listen up:
Usually when you see a marketer making so much money, it’s coming from Adwords, or some other paid traffic.

So if they’re making $2k a day, only say $750 – $1000 will be actual profit. Obviously there are exceptions, but on average those figures are pretty accurate…
But not in this case. The new techniques he’s revealing to you inside The Affiliate Code are free…

… I mean, you can literally make money that’s all profit, as the traffic is free.
But do you know what’s better? There’s tons of this traffic, and it starts almost immediately. It’s like turning on a tap. So for the first time ever, you can actually make some serious commissions on your very first day.

Let me repeat that â?? Serious Commissions On Your FIRST DAY! Can you imagine that?

People are used to waiting weeks or months to see their first cent… but now, you don’t have to.
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The Affiliate Code

Your journey to online wealth is about to get a whole easier…

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