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Ideas For Making Money On ? The Basics

There are many ideas for making money on The basics are getting your listing out there, however there is a little more to it than that. Let’s see how we can make out ads really work well for us by using a few simple strategies.

First of all there is the basic listing. Before you can list anything you need to have a account. This is easy to do. If you have a valid email address you can get an account. You will need to enter your email address and then type in the scrambled letters and hit enter. Then you care ready to post. Go to any category and choose post. A list of categories will appear. Then choose the one that best suits your item. At the next screen, type in the title of your ad. Avoid all caps. Then add the text to the body of the ad. Finally you can add a picture if you like. There is an option to keep your email private and to decline offers from others. This is how you enter an item for sale.

If you are looking to post a job, the process is basically the same. Choose what you want to post; enter a title, a description and details about payment. Then hit the enter button. You’ll have to pass the human check by entering in the scrambled letters.

There are plenty of opportunities to make money on this website. Here are some ideas for making money on Post an ad for your business. Every business can use promoting why not promote yours for free. You can add a picture, type a description or make a only offer to anyone viewing the ad.

Another way is to sell and resell items. You can pick up free items on Let’s take furniture for example. You can get free furniture, clean it up and repair it. Then sell it for a profit. No listing fees, no delivery charges. It’s a great way to make some extra money. You can do this over and over again.

Have a service to offer? is a way to get more customers. Whether you tutor math, offer music lessons, babysit, walk dogs, clean houses, or what ever there is a place for you to offer your services to those in your city. All other city websites charge you for this service. At it is free.

What are you looking for? I am sure you will find it on You can find craft materials for your arts and crafts business. Need a camera to take digital pictures, its there. Want a guitar so you and your buds can jam on the weekends? You got it, guitars are there too. Buy, sell, offer services, and promote your business. Who needs the other pay for listing websites? has it all covered with no fees and no advertising.

These are just some of the ideas for making money on I am sure that there are many more. With such a flexible and easy to use community website, you can’t go wrong. It is impossible to lose money as the listings do not cost you anything. There is nothing else like it on the web. With everything that this site happens to offer, how can you go wrong?


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Ideas For Making Money On ? Craig Newmark

What started out as a simple idea in 1995 has grown into an incredible website. Based on the idea that there are things that should be free; was born. Craig’s idea, that everyone can get together, sell their stuff and socialize, without commercial intervention has grown into one of the best run websites in the San Francisco area ? at least that what his website claims.

So how do you as an individual take this “vision” and use it to make money? It’s simple. Follow the posted guidelines about what you can and cannot list for sale, learn to take great pictures and write good ad copy and sell your stuff for free. The nice thing is that free really means free. On you will not be bombarded by banner ads, or links to adwords websites. It is strictly for the use of socializing, buying and selling, and looking for a job. A savvy individual can make some money on if they stick to the rules.

Here are the rules. No spam, no threats, no animals for sale (adoption fees are ok), no weapons. You cannot violate copyright laws. That is it in a nutshell. There are not a lot of rules to work around so posting an item for sale is actually pretty easy.

Here is how to list your item. Choose a city – there are 450 for you to select from. Then find a category, write the ad, upload a picture and post it. That is all there is to posting an ad for sale. If you are interested in posting a job, you can do this for free also, except in 10 cities which there is a small fee. Rentals in New York City are also listed for a fee. In addition you can post ads for your business in the same way. There are so many ways to come up with ideas for making money on that they cannot all be listed here.

Here are some facts about Although it was originally set up as a non-profit, in 1999 the company’s status changed to a for profit organization. The ORG extension was kept as a symbol of what the list is supposed to be. Income for the site is generated by charging for job postings in 10 cities and for apartment listings in New York City. The current CEO is Jim Buckmaster. He has been in this position since 2000. Craig Newmark is still with the company in customer service. In 2004 eBay acquired 25% of

Craig Newmark’s little bulletin board has evolved from a list of a few cool spots into a venue for millions of people to make money without paying fees. is not only a buying and selling venue but a social site as well. You can go straight out to the website and get money making ideas right there.

Now you know a little bit about and how it evolved into what it is today. There are more ways to make money on than on any other website. It is still the only website where you can sell items, post information about your business and check out what is going on in your city. Hat’s off to Craig Newmark and his great little idea!


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Ideas For Kids Making Money On

Although is meant to be for those who are 18 and older, there is nothing stopping children from using My advice to parents is to supervise to be sure that certain areas of is not visited by minors. That said there are opportunities for everyone to make money. Here are some ideas for kids making money on

If your child is over the age of 13, have them take a Red Cross babysitting course. This will certify them as a babysitter and they will have the knowledge at hand to handle emergencies should one occur. There are many avenues to advertise on and putting out an ad for babysitting is one way that older kids can make money. Be careful and make sure you know the person that your child is going to sit for. Ask to meet them first, at their home. You want to be sure that the opportunity is legit and you also want to be sure that your child is safe. If in doubt, ask them to have your child babysit in your home. There is no reason to compromise anyone’s safety just for a few bucks.

Your older child or teen can do very well for themselves in the small appliance or small engine repair fields. This is a great way for them to bring in some extra money, learn about small engines and appliances and teach them the value of self employment.

Small electronics like PDA’s. cell phones, smart phones like the Blackberry and Treo’s, iPods and other devices like it can be picked up for free or almost at no cost if they are not working. Have your child get a few, and see if the can find a repair manual online. By taking the parts from on and putting them into another your child will learn how these devices work. Once they are able to consistently fix these, they will have a great business going. Most of the problems with these devices are that the battery needs replacing or the screen has broken. A simple fix with a free part and they can make a lot of cash very quickly.

Computer repair is a great hobby for teens to get into. Again non working units are easily obtained for almost no cost at all. Building running units from non working ones is always fun and it can be very profitable.

Other ideas for kids making money on include looking at the job postings. This is especially true in the summer when teens can work at camps and local pools and beaches. Summer employment is a good teacher for them. They get to understand what it takes to hold a job and they will learn money as well. is not suited toward young children. If your children are under the age of 13 then let them help you with whatever business you may be involved in, but do not expect them to be able to run one by themselves. There is too much risk involved from a personal safety perspective to allow youngsters access to Keep the little ones safe and let them help you until they are old enough to understand a little more about how a business should run.

There are so many ways to make money on As an adult you can help your older child start to build a part-time business that will help pay for their college education and put spending money in their pockets. A part-time business will teach them responsibility and give them a sense of accomplishment. There is no better teacher than life experience and with your guidance their first venture into self employment can be a great experience for them. These are just a few ideas for kids making money on Take a look at them and see if any will be suitable for you child.


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How Do You Use Craigslist?

The beauty of Craigslist is it can be used in a variety of ways. Those who use Craigslist do so in many different ways. Some of the most popular uses of Craigslist include advertising, meeting people and finding jobs. This article will discuss these three distinct uses of Craigslist.

Advertising on Craigslist

Advertising products and services is one of the many valuable uses of Craigslist. Those who are hoping to generate a profit from the sale of their products and services often turn to Craigslist for advertising for a number of reasons. The two most significant reasons are affordability and a large existing audience.

To say advertising products or services on Craigslist is affordable is certainly an understatement. Craigslist only charges a posting fee for help wanted advertisements in three specific markets and specific housing advertisements in one city. Therefore all advertising of products and services is free.

Finally, advertising on Craigslist is appealing because there is no need to generate traffic to the website. Craigslist already receives approximately ten million visitors per month who generate approximately four billion page views per month. There is no denying advertising on Craigslist has the potential to reach a massive audience.

Meeting People on Craigslist

Another one of the many uses of Craigslist is to meet people. The personals section of Craigslist is the most obvious section designed specifically for meeting people. Here individuals can read or post advertisements seeking either platonic relationships or romantic relationships of different sexual orientations. The personals section of Craigslist is restricted to individuals over the age of 18. Additionally there are restrictions beyond the normal terms of use place on the advertisements. Specifically individuals are prohibited from impersonating someone else when placing an advertisement.

The discussion forums on Craigslist also provide an opportunity to meet others. These discussion forums are divided into a number of different categories so individuals can focus on a topic which interests them and are likely to meet others who share this interest. However, it should be noted that on any discussion there is the very real possibility of heated debates. Those who visit discussion forums are likely to meet others who share their opinions on relevant issues but there are two sides to every issue so they are also likely to encounter those who oppose their viewpoints. Debate on important issues may remain civilized by there are often situations in which this debate degrades to an uncivil manner.

Finding Jobs on Craigslist

Many people who use Craigslist are those who are seeking new jobs or career changes. The job posting section on Craigslist is quite extensive and the available jobs are broken down by a number of different categories making it easier for users to find their dream job. Additionally, there is a search feature in the jobs section which enables users to search for a particular word or phrase in one of the job categories. Users can also search specifically for jobs with certain criteria such as telecommute capabilities, contract positions, internships, part-time positions or positions with non-profit organizations.

Job seekers can also post their resumes for consideration on Craigslist. Although the resumes section of Craigslist is not as well organized as other sections, those who know how to write an eye catching resume can still attract attention. The keys to attracting attention in the resume section is to create a descriptive and attention grabbing title and to fill the content of the resume with relevant keywords to make it easier for those who search for these keywords to find your resume.


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